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Chartered Accountants
Personal & Business Accountants

Here is the pledge we make to each of our clients:

We will...

Work hard to keep all our promises to you

Respond quickly to your phone calls and emails

Listen carefully to all your concerns

Take time to understand your business objectives

Provide solutions that are tailored to your needs

Focus on building a long term relationship with you

At all times focus on the success of your business  
A different approach….

We have a track record of helping people achieve their business goals. Right now almost eight out of every ten of our clients are reporting growth in their business...and this at a time when many companies are under severe economic pressure.

Burton’s Chartered Management Accountants…with a difference.

At HR Accountants we take pride in being different from other accountants.

HR Accountants is an accountancy practice based in the heart of Burton on Trent. Our specialty is helping small businesses & companies realise their full business potential.

We set up our practice because we became frustrated with the way modern business was
developing. Too many firms, we felt, were focusing on the numbers and ignoring the people behind the numbers......We believe both are important.

If you choose us as your accountants, you will notice the difference immediately. Our services go way beyond preparing your company and personal accounts. We will also serve as professional business advisers dedicated to helping you achieve success.

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Chartered Management Accountants... With a difference!

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